How much does it cost to join?

Shields Agency does not charge any joining or admin fees; we work solely on commission.


However, there are some costs which all actors should expect to pay in order to have a good

chance of work.

Spotlight is a casting website which allows your child to be selected for upcoming auditions, this

allows casting directors to see your headshots and CV.

It's an incredibly competitive market, and casting directors often find the talent they need


on Spotlight and don't need to look any further.

We recommend that all our clients pay for a listing in The Spotlight. This currently costs £103 per

year; clients also require professional headshots which will take place with our resident Agency

photographers to capture the best photograph possible. This is a very important part of the casting

process and the photo should be able to give an honest representation of the actor. 

If you are accepted to our Agency or Academy, you are required to attend two classes a month at our professional Film & TV Academy. These classes usually take place on one Friday and one Sunday a month. For Academy costs, please email and you will be sent all of the costing details. 

(Please note: Due to the current climate, some classes may take place over our online platform to adhere with government guidelines in the local area.)


What ages do you represent? 

We take on clients from 7 - 21 years old.

If we see any emerging talent, we may invite you to be part of our professional training Academy.


What area's of the North do you cover?

We are proud supporters of Northern Talent! We are based and train in the North East of England however we accept submissions in all regions between and including Edinburgh to Sheffield. 

Can you guarantee work for your clients?

Like any agency, we can't guarantee work for our clients; neither can we guarantee auditions!

We receive casting breakdowns every day, and we suggest our clients for all the roles that they are suitable for. However there are many, many young people looking for acting work today, and only a limited number of appointments. For this reason, we ask that clients let us know in advance if they are going to be unavailable for castings or filming.

How do we decide that we would like to represent you? 

Our talent is carefully selected and they are usually interviewed at one of our casting audition days where they perform a section of a script or asked to also bring along a short monologue with them. 
Our agents and casting panel are looking for the extra little something special! 

Confidence in front of the camera is very important, as well as good expressive dialogue while giving an honest and individual performance.

Taking your child to castings, which will often be in London requires a lot of commitment from the parents or guardians. 

How much notice will you give us of auditions?

We try and allow as much time as possible before appointments but often casting directors can give upon to 24 hours notice for a casting.  As appointments are like gold dust, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend. 

Where do jobs take place?

A lot of the castings often take place in London or Manchester. However, jobs can take you all over the world! It is not unusual for the opportunity to be filming in a different locations around UK and sometimes abroad.  Theatre work mostly takes place in London however there are often opportunities for UK touring. 

Can I be represented by more than one agency?

We insist on having sole representation of our clients, and ask that all work offers are directed to us. The reason being, we run our practice in appliance with Children's performance legislation and guidance England so we need to make sure the work your child is doing follows the same practice and the correct fees are paid. It also helps us manage your child's career In the right direction.  

What is a self tape? 

Self taping is increasingly becoming the norm for the first stage of the casting process, meaning that you can send a video to the casting director in the first instance, and only travel to London if you are brought through to the second round.

This means filming yourself reading the lines, using a smart phone or tablet (though a DSLR or video camera is fine if you have one).


If they like what they see on the tape, they will then bring the actor in to meet in person, or sometimes bring them straight in for a meeting with the director.

This is a good thing, as it means that many more actors get a chance to be considered for a role than would be possible with traditional first round meetings. It also saves you the time and expense of travelling into central London for a role that you might not be quite right for.


You should only send videos to us; please don't upload them yourself to YouTube or similar. In many cases the script that you are asked to film is confidential, and it's important that it doesn't get leaked out to the public. 

Our Child Protection, Code of Conduct, Social Media and Privacy Policy is available upon request 

All our Teachers and Agents

are Enhanced DBS Approved


Frequently asked Questions